Erin Grall, Florida State Representative, District 54

“Teri Barenborg has a tangible track record as an exceptional educator.  She has impacted the lives of thousands of children and families in our community through her dedication to her profession and students.  Her in depth knowledge of public education due to her work as a teacher, principal, administrator, coach, and author ensures the best perspective with which to serve our community.  She is committed to parental choice in education and has long looked at her role as an educator as one that should work in concert with parents.  Finally, Teri’s work ethic, professionalism, candor, and integrity all serve as reasons for me to support Teri for the Indian River County School Board”

Sue Curtis

“As a retired teacher and administrator, I understand the complexity of serving on the school board; that is why I am endorsing Teri Barenborg for the Indian River County School Board seat in District 4. Teri has been an educator for 35 years, serving as a teacher, administrator and district curriculum leader. After living in IRC for 30 years, she knows our community and the proud history of this school system. Having worked with Teri, I know first-hand, her passion for a strong educational system that develops students who will become successful citizens and ultimately contribute to the well-being of our community.”

Dick Bird

Retired Indian River County Commissioner

“I have had the privilege of knowing Teri Barenborg and her family for nearly thirty years. During that time, I have seen her develop as a wonderful wife, mother, educator and coach in our county. She has devoted most of her adult life to the scholastic and athletic development of Indian River County children. I wholeheartedly endorse her as a candidate for the Indian River County Board and urge all of my family, friends and voters of the county to support her as well.”


Dr. Sara Truebridge, Ed. D.

Author and Education Consultant

“It is my true honor and pleasure to endorse Teri Barenborg for Indian River County School Board. Teri’s breadth and depth of experience in education—as a researcher, practitioner, policymaker, and author—make her a uniquely qualified candidate.  Couple her experience with her integrity, intelligence, insight, innovation, and compassion and you have the privilege of having a school board member that will serve the students, teachers, and community in a manner that maximizes educational excellence and equity for all.”

: March 1, 2014  and August 31, 2017

Author of “Resilience Begins with Beliefs: Building on Student Strengths for Success in School”

Website: www.EducatingTheNewHumanity.org

Mary Huffstetter

Early Childhood Coordinator | Education Management

“Teri is informed, approachable, and committed to the success of students, teachers and administrators. She will be a tremendous asset to the School Board of Indian River County”

David Chesnutt

Entrepreneur and Aerospace Technologist / Former Student

“As the founder of Numplexis.com and structures analyst in the manned space industry I can say for certain Mrs. Barenborg was instrumental in setting me on the path towards making a positive influence on our world. Teri’s wealth of knowledge and understanding of our communities’ public education system will make her an essential member of the Indian River County School Board”

Laura Lucas

Former Parent

“I have known Teri for many years and believe her expertise, dedication and vision will benefit the educational goals of the students in Indian River County. She has a deep desire for every student to succeed. I am confident that such an outstanding public servant and educator will involve parents in her decisions and will follow through on her commitments with practical thought and organization. Teri Barenborg will make an excellent addition to the School Board. “


Gary Brady

Former Educator and Founder of Critter Haven Vero Beach Inc.

“In 1980 I returned to Vero Beach and wanted to return to teaching Elementary Art. While teaching in one of our schools I met Teri Barenborg, the Science teacher. On my break I would occasionally visit the Science Room. It was filled with plants, tropical fish, a lizard and small mammals. I was most amazed by the hands-on approach which motivated questions from the kindergarten to fifth graders. The classroom became electrified with enthusiasm.

As I drove in one morning she was out in front of the Science room, digging up the lawn. Well, in a week a garden was born. Students, for the most part, were unaware of gardens. Soil was tilled, seeds were planted, watered and weeded. They then saw wonderful vegetables appear. This was Teri Barenborg, the teacher.

She became an Assistant Principal. Then Teri was given a Principal position in St. Lucie County. Teri started by rejuvenating the staff. Then she started an open-door policy for the parents and the community. This is Teri Barenborg, the Principal.

She was then promoted to Science Supervisor. Working hand and hand with the teaching staff she updated the curriculum. Teri co-authored a third grade project called STEAM Design Challenge, a guide that received state recognition and is now going nationwide. Most people are unaware she spent many long hours into the night writing grants.

Teri Barenborg,  Teacher of Science – A+  Principal – A+  Supervisor – A+

The real reason to vote for her is that she has dedicated 35 years to the students.